Anastomat classification

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The role of anastomat in medicine is to replace hand-stitched medical equipment, which can be divided into skin anastomat, digestive tract (esophagus, gastrointestinal, etc.) circular anastomat, rectal anastomat, circular hemorrhoids anastomat, circumcision anastomat, vascular anastomat, hernia anastomat, and lung cutting anastomat.

Anastomat greatly reduces the patient's surgical pain, which does not require more complicated operations as in the past, and also shortens the time and risk of procedures. The use of anastomat improves the surgical technique and improves the patient's quality of life. At present, both imported and domestic anastomats have been fully popularized and improved in China.

Due to the good practicality of such suture instruments, not only the Chinese Medical Research Center is constantly improving and researching, but many overseas markets are also actively purchasing. Therefore, in view of the current situation in the Chinese market, there are now two major imported sewing equipment brands and three major domestic brands. The equipment of these companies accounts for almost half of the market share. In such a fiercely competitive Chinese anastomat market, medical facilities can also be improved at the fastest rate. Competitiveness is the driving force.

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